Radio Poesia III

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Nico Bleutge/Azzurra D’Agostino
feat. wandering translators

RadioPoesia, the translation platform for Italian and German contemporary poetry, will be back with another episode on the International Translation Day.

RadioPoesia, die Übersetzungsplattform für deutsche und italienische Gegenwartslyrik, ist anlässlich des Internationalen Übersetzungstages wieder zurück.

Altofest Malta 2018

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Palinsesto e conduzione a cura di Silvio Impegnoso

This is the Official Radio Web of Altofest Malta, the Special Edition created for Valletta 2018 European Capital of Culture. Curated by Silvio Impegnoso. Altofest is a project that explores experimental sociality through contemporary live art. Citizens host international artists in their houses, which then become venues that welcome audiences for diverse performances. Altofest will take place across four different regions in Malta, over four consecutive weekends. “Legendary People” is the theme behind Altofest Malta 2018. How can art emerge from the community as its distinctive expression, becoming in the meantim