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Radio community Workshop

    by Antonio Arte

    During Altofest 2022, a group of citizens involved in the festival for many editions was part of the Radio Leib editorial board. As a result, they had the opportunity to attend the Radio Community Workshop, curated by Teatringestazione, learning how to manage a web radio. Through different sessions, the group faced the technical aspects – from setting up to running a program; factors related to the content – from the planning to programming and broadcasting.
    The approach of thinking-doing and learning-acting offered the community the opportunity to practice the acquired knowledge. So People of Altofest run their radio program!
    The last sessions focused on editing, podcasting, production and promotion. Finally, the podcast are online.

    Go to Podcasts >>>

    We plan to run Radio Community Workshops with different European communities in the frame of other festivals and cultural events.

    This project is part of the IETM Local Journeys for Change activity which is supported by the
    European Union as part of IETM Network Grant 2022-2024 NIPA: the New International in the
    Performing Arts.