Radio Leib is a “living body” in motion. A boundless space that welcomes proposals for experimental and community radio. The name “Leib” refers to a living body in contact with the world; Leib as being in the world (Lebenswelt).
Radio Leib simultaneously inhabits the live and sound space, live and deferred; it is understood as an inhabited and extended space and not simply as media.
Listening becomes an experience of space, the body becomes the measure of a boundless yet well-defined landscape; each listener/spectator becomes the inhabitant of a poetic dimension, which cancels distances, preserves participation in presence, participating in an experience that is both intimate and collective at the same time.
The project focuses on the need to imagine new strategies of cultural accessibility and further forms of proximity, experimenting with hybrid forms of participation and coexistence, which can connect people and places that are apparently distant, but coexist in the sound space and differently inhabited by the radio. We challenge distance with the immediacy of listening and the sublimation of physical space into poetic space, without renouncing the live encounter.

Radio Leib is conceived and curated by Teatringestazione. It was born as a radio spin-off of Altofest, first on an experimental basis in 2017, and then consolidated into an autonomous project in 2021. It already has established collaborations with the Goethe Institut in Naples, for which it broadcasts Radio Poesia; with Radio Cashmere in Berlin for which it broadcasted Moscow Club #54; with the Fondazione Matera-Basilicata for which it broadcasted the festival In Linea d’Aria.

In 2022 Radio Leib Community Workshop is among the Local Journey for Change selected projects, with the support of IETM International network for contemporary performing arts.